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Friday, July 16, 2010

What you should know when Using a NIkon

Nikon Lens
When Using a Nikon lens (Nikkor) you must be noticing the strange term such as VR, ED, FX and all that stuff, well, here Kucaks are going share with U guys what is those words means.

low light shooting (still subject/object)

Glow,reflection of building at night shooting. well i ain't a pro nor a Photographer, i just enjoy taking pic, so correct me if i wrong.

Memekak Di library

when people like me goes to library, this is what we do bhahahaa

Taman Tasik taiping

if you had a chance to visit taiping, this is a place you want to go. taman tasik taiping is recreation place, full with tree and lake, very-very big, uhu.... and full with human hehehe. here some of it

kek look tong cave

kek look tong cave locate at simpang pulai ipoh. the cave is more like entrance door to a beautiful lawn nice place to visit if you have a chance to go to IPOH.

memories kept forever in frame

sometimes i love to make a group pic more interesting to be remembering by. mostly i will pick random group pic and do some simple touch up and then, it is ready to be uploaded. most of the pic is taken when i going camping or some outdoor activities. here some pic feel free to comments

taken at hutan belum
in this pic : En. Halim Hashim (president of Tg.malim/Slim River Youth Council) with His wife

Sunday, July 04, 2010

The Dark Knight/Night

climb up the Proton city wall in the middle of the Night seems quite fun, so i grab my Dslr and join them

talent : Chean

Dragon Fly

this little creature is a photogenic, stay still for a long time, give me chance to shoot it at a very close range. at the time this pic is taken, i still don't own any zoom lens... using 18-55mm kit lens, so you guys should know how close it was....

1 Malaysia Scout jamboree

jamboree at wetlands, putrajaya. this is perak contingent


this is me playing a paintball in 1 on 1 sudden death paintball tournament at kuala selangor speed-ball field. unfortunately i was lost in this match... but i t was fun shooting

the path

pic says a thousand word...
location proton city
talent :

Old Man

i snap this using my nikon D3000 with 18-55 3.5-5.6 kit lens... so it is pretty close to the subject,
simple editing using photoshop cs3.. humm i like this pic.

when people like me get the camera

this is my best buddy, we've been together since school... all of them is a future engineer... hahaha

fun fun atwork

this is a My rover crew, doing some editing to the pic